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About The Corridor-- Nuri, Suzanne and the Arcturians

The Countdown to March 20, 2015
Spring Equinox and MUCH More

Transcription of Conversation with Nuri Akyol on: 

Hello everyone this is Sue Lie and I’m here having a conversation with Nuri Akyol and we’re just going to have this conversation and see how it turns out.  We wanted to share it with all of you, as a kind of role model that it’s absolutely fine to sit down with people that can take it and converse about what’s happening in our reality.  There’s a lot of different feelings now aren’t there Nuri?

Nuri:  Absolutely Sue.

Sue:    Isn’t the energy so loud, so fast, so hot, and so intense? Have you recognized that?

Nuri:  I have to say – in different ways. As we were talking about earlier, my dreams are more and more intense, and I’m able to remember them more. It feels as if I’m resolving some stuff. Maybe some karma is being released on a different level. There are some things going on now. It’s a roller coaster ride.

Sue:    That’s interesting because I was just emailing someone that was not aware of the process.  They were a newbie and wondering why they were having such unusual feelings.  What I was saying was that we are opening our Portals of Ascension NOW and having to clear them out.  I came in, and it was a blessing or the curse, remembering my other lifetimes. What a mess!  There’s a lot of accumulated fear. 
Fortunately, there is basically fear and love. Everything else is a fear-based emotion or a love-based emotion.  So, people like you and me who’ve been on the path for a long time are doing the fine tuning and wondering if it will ever be done. Will we ever be done with the fine-tuning?

Nuri:  We are going through the ascension consciously.  So we are conscious of every little thing that is being cleared, cleansed, resolved and that takes so much dedication, commitment and patience.

Sue:    Yes, underline patience. The underline is on the patience especially for people like us. I started writing about this in l993, but I can’t remember not ever going through it. I could always see these other realities and live them all. Whenever we go through and recognize and clean up our other incarnations then, not only do we clear our own Ascension portal, but we also clean up the mess we left in Gaia’s ascension portal. 
So let me first define our Ascension Portal. Our Ascension Portal is within our own physical body, inside of our kundalini, which is in the core of our spine and 3D brain. Then, we expand our consciousness into the core of Gaia to connect the core of our own Ascension Portal in the core of our core TO connect that with Gaia’s central crystal within Her core. Every time that we make this connection, we go higher and higher in our consciousness then we are able to pull more multi-dimensional energy thru our core, Ascension Portal and into the core of Gaia’s Ascension Portal.

Nuri:  Yes, that’s a very important part that you touched upon. In the beginning before I began participating in your Multidimensional Leadership School I was very focused on my personal Ascension.  Although, by focusing on your personal Ascension you do serve the Planetary Ascension.  However you made me understand on a deeper level and it resonated with me that I’m here to assist Gaia to Ascend. And that struck a very deep cord inside of me. It felt like truth and was also accompanied with a sense of Peace.

Sue:    Yes because you’re not alone, you are with the whole planet, the wonderful being of Gaia.

Nuri:  Yes, yes and that was empowering somehow for my being and I’m very grateful for that.  So, we are living it consciously. Every little step we go up on the ladder of consciousness – Jacob’s ladder of consciousness. We are conscious of every little thing. I’m sure there are parts of it that we don’t live consciously which is also good, because I don’t have to know everything.
However, I say – kudos to us.  Do you know what I mean? We are brave enough to be here at this particular time and taking on this grand new experiment. So I think it’s good to remind ourselves of this fact as well.

Sue:    As you were saying, as we think in terms of planetary consciousness we think in those terms of unity consciousness. Before I was able to realize that this was a planetary event I felt very isolated.  I felt cast adrift on a hostile planet.  But then as I began to realize that I/we/all of us that have chosen to incarnate at this time, and we have actually been carrying the essence of our whole multi-dimensional self within us. The Arcturians have said this many times.
We chose to take an imprint from our Galactic self, that we already are, and placed it into our earth vessel.  Our earth vessel is a hybrid of our Galactic Self and our physical self. When we combine that fact with our planetary self, then we are firmly grounded to can bring in a lot more energy. If we are just bringing in a little bit of astral energy we don’t need to be that grounded. But if we’re bringing in fifth/sixth/seventh/eighth dimensional energy, we have to make sure that we are grounded or our little Earth vessel.
These are really high frequencies. When we connect with Gaia in a deep way we move into Unity Consciousness. That is a very important thing because I don’t know what the percentage is of the awakened ones, but each of us alone are not powerful enough to be able to make that difference in Ascending the Planet. But because we are awake and multidimensional, our numbers don’t progress 1, 2,3,4,5.  They progress log rhythmically, exponentially.  So, 1, 2, 4,8,16 etc. 
I’ve also heard that the light quotient of those that are awakened is ten times stronger than those who are not awake and probably much stronger than those who are members of the cabal and lost and in the darkness. Thus, the key is to connect with each other.

Nuri:  And with Gaia at the same time.

Sue:    And with Gaia, absolutely! Gaia helps us to remain unselfish and helps us to keep our higher consciousness to move into Planetary consciousness and begin to realize that we are not just the physical form that we are wearing, we are ALSO the Planet that we are living on.

Nuri:  Yes, exactly.  First, I’m also in the process of reading 

right now and the process is remarkable.  The more I read, the more I get to integrate my Multi-dimensional Self.  The more I read, the more I get to know myself.  It’s as if certain patterns or codes are being activated and it’s a remarkable journey. The infusion of higher vibrational information into my being is amazing.
Secondly, I would like to make a bridge to the Arcturian Corridor because I’m at that part in the book where I’m reading about the Arcturian Corridor.  What also resonated with me was the part of that which is within, is also without. So we first need to open our personal portals and to make it as pure and cleansed as possible – dissolving the karma from past incarnations etc.
Then, the more we are able to purify our personal portals the more we are able to also connect from within and without to the personal portals of everyone else and Gaia at the same time. So there is an exponential effect as well it seems.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

Sue:    Yes definitely. It’s about the states of consciousness that we’ve been talking about a lot.

Nuri:  Do you have any thoughts on how the Arcturian Corridor works, within and without, and about how it’s connected to each other?

Sue:    I think the best thing to do to answer that question is to bring in the Arcturians. 

Nuri:  Are they knocking again?

Sue:    Yes, they’re knocking again. They knock on a certain place in my brain and they say, “our turn”.  I will bring them in.

Arcturians:    Blessing Nuri and all who are listening to this recording. We are happy that you are with us within this NOW. We wish to share with you an example of ones experiences of in our Arcturian Corridor. The Arcturian Corridor is an immense energy field of trans-mutational packages.
As each of our Ascending ones visit the Arcturian Corridor, they align with an energy package that is specific to their individual needs. Therefore, as they enter the Corridor, it doesn’t matter what phase in their Ascension they are consciously in, as they will automatically draw to them the energy package resonates to a slightly higher frequency than their consciousness.
Now let us go back to the walking in our Corridor. The “walking-in” is much like the way you walked into your physical body. Most of you who choose to attend to our messages are amongst our volunteers who choose to walk in, to bi-locate from yourself in the Galactic and the Celestial realms into a physical Earth vessel. You made this choice, as you knew that it was the Clarion Call for ascension to commence.
Within this NOW you would begin to remember that you have a Mission. Your Mission is to assist with the transmutation of the beloved being known as Gaia. We wish to remind all of you that Gaia is not a big rock in the sky. Gaia is a living being. Just as you look at every human being and you can feel that there is an essence in that begin that makes them be alive, there is an essence within the Planet Earth that makes Gaia alive.
This essence has been greatly harmed by humanity. Therefore, we ask that all of our wonderful earth ones who receive this message to enter our Arcturian Corridor. All you need to do to walk into the corridor is to say, “I wish to enter the Arcturian Corridor.” Then you are entered. Your mere desire to enter our Corridor is all you need to gain our unconditionally loving invitation.
Now, each of you will experience the corridor according to your own personal memory, multi-dimensional recollections, and experiences of your personal life. And, as you enter the Corridor you will begin to feel that something is a little bit different. Have you noticed that Nuri? You have said, “I’m in this corridor now and something’s different.” These things, sensations, feelings and thoughts that are different cannot be explained through your third-dimensional brain.
They are completely foreign from anything that you have every experienced in your physical lifetimes because you are in a fifth dimensional energy field. The best way to raise your consciousness is to live in that state of consciousness. Just as they have said that if you want your children to be loving – love them.  If you want your children to be kind – be kind.  If you want your children to be respectful of all life – be respectful of them and all life that they are surrounded by. 
When you move into the Arcturian Corridor you move into an energy field that is one-hundred percent based on Unconditional Love. Now Unconditional Love can serve a bit like a
Roto-rooter. Unconditional Love will move into your consciousness and your third-dimensional vessel and bring to the surface everything that stands in the way of the Ascension Process of yourself and of the Planet of Gaia.
As all of these obstacles come to the surface so that you can identify them and love them free, then your consciousness will steadily move into higher and higher frequencies. Since your state of consciousness sets the frequency of your perceptions, you will increasingly perceive confirmation that you are transmuting back to your Lightbody. 
Just as if you are in a very depressed mood and look out at the world, it will look violent and frightening. You will only see the third-dimensional boring tasks that you will have to do. On the other hand, as you expand your consciousness into the frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensional you begin to realize that you are not just one person inside of one body. You begin to remember that you are ONE with all life. Not just all life on Gaia, but with all life.
But first you begin to realize that you are one with all human life. Then you begin to realize that you are one with all Planetary life, then ONE with all life in the Solar System life, then all life within the Galaxy and even the Universe. You are NOW are in that process of immense expansion of your consciousness.
By being in the Arcturian Corridor, which is a place that you contact within your core, is not something that is outside of you. The Corridor is also inside of you. Do you remember when you thought that your higher frequency self was above you, and your lower frequency self was below you? Now, you are discovering that they are both inside you.
In the core your spine, in the core of your Kundalini which is alive within your spine, you are already the living expression of your full multi-dimensional self. It is the process of bringing this memory out into your physical reality and into you inner reality where you enter absolutely safe and can totally reveal express your light and love for all life.

Nuri:  I’m envisioning sort of a cocoon. This cocoon provides very safe circumstances in which you can release what needs to be released.  Is it correct to say that in this cocoon you are being carried and nurtured by this Unconditional Love and it provides you with all the security softness and subtleness to connect with your core?

Arcturians:    Yes, absolutely. Within the Corridor there is no beginning or ending for it is multi-dimensional. When we find a planet that is ready to begin its process of Ascension we surround the planet in the same manner as you were speaking and create a cocoon of our Corridor around the Planet. According to humanity’s sense of time “recently” formed this cocoon around Gaia. There has been certain occurrences that have given us the message that there are enough beings, a proportionately small amount of those beings are humans, that are ready for ascension into the higher frequency realities.
The lowest frequency humans that have been known as the Cabal, are being released from the Planet because they are not able to withstand the energy field of the Arcturian Corridor. One of the important things that occurs when the Arcturian Corridor cocoons the planet is that many people can’t” take the heat.” so to speak. Therefore they agree to leave the planet.  
Because Earth it is a free will planet we can’t go in and say, “Alright you’re out of here. You have to leave.” But they can say, Wait, this frequency is too high. I can’t do this.” Then we will tell them that we are happy to take them into a lower frequency area in which they gradually prepare to expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions. Those who are not consciously able to recognize their darkness will suddenly find that they are somehow off the planet and in a lower dimensional version of reality.

Nuri:  And that’s already happened.

Arcturians:  It is indeed occurring within the NOW.

Nuri:  And more and more I suppose. Is it also correct that there are different intensities as well within the Arcturian Corridor itself depending upon one’s state of consciousness?

Arcturians:    Yes, as we have said, there are packages of energy. we say energy packages because it is not sequential, it is not bound in time and all occurs within the NOW. Each energy package comes into a being energy field once they have absorbed, learned from and integrated the prior energy package. In this manner, no one becomes overwhelmed and everyone safely moves into a slightly higher frequency of reality. Each energy package, thoughtform, is high enough to put you into challenge but not high enough to cause you stress. 
Then as you adapt to and integrate each frequency of energy, you release that energy package to accept the next slightly higher frequency energy package. In this way, you move through higher and higher frequencies. It’s almost as if you want to swim in the ocean, so you put a few toes into the water until you get used to it. Then, after a while the water is not so cold and may even feel warm, so you can swim into deeper water and feel fine.

Sue:    Those of us that are allowing ourselves to surrender deeply into the Ascension process are realizing that it is a process of letting go, letting go, letting go.  Because as we moved through this experience of “letting go,” we are in the corridor and all of our past histories of darkness, fear, anger, all of these situations and all of our conscious and unconscious thoughts are coming to the surface to be released.  We can’t lie to ourselves any more.  It’s right there.  So then all we have to do is say,
“I Love You Unconditionally, blessings be and I let you go.”
It is about transmuting all of the fearful feelings within us. That part is not as difficult for those of us that those who have been on the path for a while because we are ready and eager to transmute our life. We’ve been working on it for along time and to be able to transmute it on an energy field instead of as a situation is a huge relief.
What is happening is that we are coming into a state of alignment, and we are more peaceful and calmer. Therefore, our emotional body is calming down. What’s happening is that because our emotional body is calming down, the connection between our 3D brain and our multi-dimensional mind is opening.  We are starting to get these mental frequencies that would have burnt out our brain if we weren’t in this state of peace and harmony.

Nuri:  It makes so much sense.  It actually already feels like my brain is short-circuiting.

Sue:    Absolutely, I feel the same way.  We know when it starts to short-circuit because we get anxious or depressed.  That’s when we need to say, “Okay enough! Now I’m going to have some fun, now I’m going to watch a movie, now I’m going to visit a friend, now I’m going to take a walk, now I’m going to garden in the yard – enough”.
We have to stop and integrate.  Then when it’s all integrated we’ll feel it and say “okay, ahhh, I can breathe now, so I’ll take on a little bit more”. But if we just keep taking it on and don’t integrate it into our consciousness, thoughts, emotions and dailylife we’ll be so nervous and so hyped up that we can’t ground it. Then we will stop taking it in because it’s not grounded. You see, there is a automatic “breaking system,” so that we don’t become too overwhelmed.
Most important, we must remember that we are not doing this for our own selfish desires. We are here for the planet. So everything we gain we ground into the planet, not just so our physical bodies are safe but because we love Gaia.  Gaia needs our help and we lovingly share our experience with Her.

Nuri:  Absolutely.  It’s interesitng and thank you for that. It provides a reference point and enables me to be more in the NOW. It reminds me that when I feel that my brain is “short circuiting,” I need time to do something joyous, take a walk or watch a movie.  That’s good to know.  Thank you.

Sue: And thank you so much Nuri for joining me to download the “Message From The Arcturians.”

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Blessings On Your New Life - The Arcturians


There are myriad realities that surround us in every moment of our day. 
We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open 
the doorway into any reality that we choose.

We forgot that we could choose our reality because 
we bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought 
to control and possess rather than to love and create.
We tried to control our life so that they would not control us. 
However, control in any manner is a trap, 
as we cannot control and surrender at the same time.

Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, 
whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds.

Therefore, by controlling our lives, 
we see only third dimensional options 
and solutions for our third dimensional situations.

On the other hand, when we moved beyond the third dimension 
we realized that we could experience our fourth dimensional dreamland.

We realized that when we fall asleep, 
we are "falling" into a slightly higher state of consciousness 
in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective.

But, in order too enter fifth dimensional consciousness 
we must surrender into our Higher SELF.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is tuned, 
we can only experience the reality that resonates 
to the frequency of our consciousness.

The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality. 
Each moment is alive, and time cannot be "wasted." 
Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down, 
as within the fifth dimension there is only NOW.

In the higher worlds there is no fear of what might happen.
There is only unconditional love within the HERE of the NOW.

In other words, in order to enter the fifth dimension and beyond, 
We must understand and release ALL fear and live in LOVE!

Blessings from
We speak as "we" as we are "you"

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Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT -- The NOW of the ONE


The NOW of the ONE

The Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT

Dear Arcturians,
Is there a message for me today?

Yes, dear, Earth Emissary,
There is a message for you every day, every hour and every minute. There is, in fact, a steady flow of Light Language energy packages that infinitely flow from our dimension, our Mothership and our collective hearts into the hearts of our very brave volunteers.

Your family and friends aboard the Ship all hold you all in great esteem. Among them is your own higher expression of SELF who has sacrificed a component of sacred essence to live within your earth vessel.

We come to you all today to assist you in remembering how to read your Light Language packages. We know that you feel these messages are within your heart, but your earth vessel self may not realize that that brief feeling of love and inner peace is because you have just received another Light Language package, which we will now refer to as Packages from Home.

On the Ship we send a thoughtform to each other when we perceive that our human representative is ready for and/or needs another light package. More and more of you are beginning to remember and acknowledge your higher dimensional SELF on the Ship and/or serving in higher dimensions. Many of you are also becoming aware of the YOU who is serving on Fifth Dimensional “New Earth.”

Actually “New Earth” is much older than the 3D Earth that your earth vessel inhabits. As you are beginning to remember, creation flows from the higher dimensions and down into the lower ones. Therefore, just as you all have sent down a component of your personal multidimensional essence into you personal earth vessel, Gaia has sent a component of Her planetary multidimensional essence into her planetary vessel.

It is important within this NOW that you all remember that Gaia is a living, planetary being. This remembrance completes the circle of incarnation. When many of you all first took an incarnation on Gaia as what you now call the “indigenous people” you knew that Gaia was an alive being. You also knew that you were in deep unity with all the members of your tribe.

It is the forgetting of unity consciousness with your “people” and your “planet” that sent humanity gotten off track from their original goal. Therefore, it is the remembrance of Unity with ALL Life that will release you from the matrix of the 3D wheel of life and death. However, when we say “you” we mean your personal AND your planetary expressions of SELF.

We will now remind you of YOUR planetary expression of your SELF. Your planetary expression is the earth vessel, which is the envelope for your multidimensional consciousness. This earth vessel is made of the elements of the planet. Hence it is deeply entwined with the planet. Thinking that your human form was more important than your planetary form is where your path to ascension took a wrong turn.

You thought that taking a human form would allow you to assist humanity, as humans are the primary reason why Gaia has not completed her ascension. All your multidimensional expressions have realized that fact. Therefore, you sent your essence, not just into the elementals of a human being, but into the elements of Gaia’s planetary being.

Therefore, you are not just ON the planet. You are also OF the planet. Your humanoid earth vessel is of the same earth, air, fire and water as your planetary earth vessel. Can you take a moment to allow yourself to FEEL how it feels to actually BE a component of the planet? Just as you imagine that the ground, the rocks, the water, the land, the plants the animals are members of the planet, so are YOU.

Allow the concept of being an actual member of the planet to replace your old image of be on the planet. You were ON the planet, but not OF the planet. Therefore, you could destroy the planet without destroying your self. At least, that is what humanity thought before there were so many of you incarnated at the same “time.”

There are many humans who act as if they are children who broke their toy and want their parents to buy them a new one. A child does not consider that it was their responsibility to take good care of that toy and treasure it, or he/she would not have broken it.

Where did humanity forget that Gaia was an alive planetary being? It was when the force of power over others separated them from the land and from their tribe. They no longer needed to live as a tribe, but sought to become individuals. Yes, the seeking of individuality was one of the goals you set when you decided to join the evolution of Earth. However, because you sought individuality, you shunned unity.

If Gaia had not chosen to display the extremes of polarity, if Gaia had not chosen to be a free will planet, the issues that you face today would not have occurred. However, Gaia is an exceptionally brave and daring being and wanted to be a vastly diverse planet, which she is.

Since there are few planets that have the degree of diversity of Earth in your sector of time/space, She was not aware of the challenges that her choice would reveal. Gaia did not know that her beings would turn on each other. The plant and animal kingdom do feed off of other beings and/or plants, but they do so for survival.

On the other hand, humans learned to “feed off” of others so that they could gain control of them. Part of the problem was that many renegade beings from other planets, solar systems and even galaxies wanted to experience this greatly diverse reality. Some of them had evolved into higher states of consciousness, so they knew that all life was ONE.

However, some of Earth’s early visitors were still in the state of power-over-others when they came to visit Earth. Just as many of the evolved early humanoids and higher beings to Earth stayed on Earth, some of the un-evolved power over others visitors stayed.

For many millennia these two groups remained distant and did not inter-act. Therefore, there were not wars, but since they remained so separate a suspicion began to grow between them. Uncountable generations later, the fighting began.

Some civilizations were literally “whipped off the face of the Earth.” Some, such as Lemuria moved into the core of the Earth. Unfortunately, divergent groups who had not chosen to intermingle with each other made different decisions. Then, because they were so separate, they did not learn about each other.

Since the unknown is the greatest source of fear, much fear began to fill the peoples, auras, water and earth of Gaia’s planet. Gaia, who is a kind and loving mother, tried to find a manner in which her people could ban together in unity consciousness. She wanted them to come into unity because She offered them beautiful oceans with plentiful food, rain that watered their crops and fire that kept them warm.

But the peoples did not ban together for joy and appreciation of their wonderful life. Each individual group was able to do this, but the groups still remained separate. The extreme separation of the tribes created fear, judgment, anger, war, sorrow and pain in the emotions and thoughts of the people.

These thoughts and emotions went into the elements of the human’s body, breath, lungs, neurological synapses and bodily fluids. They then breathed out these distorted elements into to elements of Gaia’s planets. The earth of Gaia’s land was polluted and over farmed. Blood from human wars and massacre of animals bleed into the soil to mix with the tears of loss and sorrow.

The air of Gaia’s atmosphere became filled with fear-based emotions and the water was tainted with the poison of fear and anger. The only way that Gaia could release these toxins was to have what human’s called a “storm.” The winds of the storm cleared the air, the water cleaned the plants, animals and humans, and the fire released that which had reached it’s completion. Also, huge bodies of earth moved as a component of Gaia’s natural landscape changes.

These natural responses of Gaia to clean Her planet where thought of a “great punishments” set upon the peoples. They even offered virgins as a sacrifice to appease the angry planet. But Gaia was not an angry planet. She was just trying to clean up the mess her humans had made.

Did the humans say, “Thank you Gaia for cleaning up our mess”? No they quivered in fear of the planet and thought of it as a “thing” of which they were not a part. With every era there were some humans who understood that Gaia was an alive being. They loved Her, but often gave sacrifices to Her. Gaia did not want a sacrifice, but a bit of gratitude would be nice.

For eon upon eon the same story was repeated again and again. “Will humanity ever evolve enough to remember that they too are a part of my body?” wondered Gaia. Then, finally, certain humans began to awaken to their own higher expressions of SELF. Once they began to merge with their own higher frequencies of their SELF, they began to perceive Earth in a very different manner.

Some, and there was not many for a very long time, began to remember what they knew before they were born into the small, dense form of a third dimensional human. This memory reminded them that they were much more than the small vessel that they were wearing. Then some of them realized that if they had a “Soul” then all life must have a Soul.

Of course the concept of  “all life” having a soul, a spirit, a higher emanation was not a popular idea and those who had it were often killed and/or tortured. Aeon after aeon, the brave, awake humans returned and many of them died trying to tell other humans what they had learned.

Then a Golden Age began in Gaia’s time/space. The world was still very hostile, but more evolved and higher dimensional ones could take a human form with the intention of assisting Gaia. The NOW had finally arrived in which Gaia could get assistance from the very humans who had created such havoc on Her planet.

There were still many humans lost to old ways of fear, domination, war, desperation etc. etc. However, there was a new frequency of light that was entering Gaia’s body and the bodies of all her plants, animals, and even humans. Many human feared the light or wanted to use it for their own selfish intentions. Other humans tried to hide the light from the awareness of others.

But, there were some humans who began to remember who they were in the higher frequencies of their consciousness. At first this memory wafted through their hearts like a warm ray of light or a bright smile of a loved one. The feeling was unique and frightened many of them who turned away from it with fear and suspicion.

Others, the same ones who had taken bodies again and again over many eras, recognized this light. At first, they could not “put their finger” on what it reminded them of, but it felt so good that they accepted the light. The more they accepted the light, the better they felt and the better they felt, the more light they could accept.

Gradually, just as they had allowed themselves to be a part of the planet, they also became a part of the light. OH!! It felt so wonderful to be a part of the light that they unified with the light more and more. Then an interesting thing began to occur. Those who had accepted and unified with the light began to accept and unify with each other.

People from all over Earth, from different areas, religions, cultures, genders, ages, interests began to communicate with each other. They began to accept each other for exactly who they were. After all, the light had unconditionally accepted them. And, since they had become the light and the light had become them, they could accept them self.

Even more wonderful, they began to openly accept others. At first they only accepted those who had also accepted the light. Then, gradually, the light transmuted them in such a manner that they could not see how people were different. They could only perceive how people were the same.

When they looked through their own light into the face of another, the light seemed to unite them in some strange manner. Even though they did not know how the light had caused this deep acceptance and resulting unity, it felt so glorious, so very safe and so very much like what they all called “Home.”

Then, more and more people began to think about a place called Home. Where was this place? Was it far, far away on another world? “NO,” said the inner light as they asked that question. “I AM your Home. I AM You and I AM Gaia.” You were always home, but you did not have the light to believe it.

“I AM all of you within the ONE of the NOW,” whispered the light into the hearts and minds of the humans. The whisper was very soft and could only be heard when the human focused on their own inner light. But when they did, when they focused on their own inner light, they remembered.

They remembered the “thought” of unity with all life. They remembered the “emotion” of love for all life. Then, one by one, then two by two, then four by four, eight by eight … a memory began to sweep through the bodies of the humans and into and through the body of Gaia. That memory reminded them that:

“I AM Home within the NOW ~ and so is every ONE.”